Making breakfast.

50 Targets

How fast reflexes do you have?! Shoot out as many points as you can!

Speed Archery

Click to aim the dot and shoot the arrow. Get the highest score in 30 seconds.

One Day One Button

Your life is grey? Every day is the same? I don't think so... (MochiJuly2012: Summer Games reference in level 6)

Give me the Pancho

Click the pass buton until you get the hot dog to the starving guy. Be careful, it falls off!

Crazy 1-Button Suicide Javelin 2012

Welcome to one of the less well-known summer games events: the Suicide Javelin. In this event you can increase your overall distance by getting hit by your own javelin!

Sniper Olimpyc

Grandpa really want to win a gold medal in an official competition but he's too old! Granny decided to try to "persuade" all opponents to withdraw from the race using her precision rifle.


A one button archery game for the Mochi Summer July 2012 Contest, Instructions in-game.

Skeet Mania

Skeet Mania is a fun little game, which you have a shootgun and need to shoot 35 targets in order to increase the score and be the best! You've got only 60 seconds! So good luck! :D Press...


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